Customized Units

Designed and manufactured on demands
1U 19" Rack-mount All-in-one Computer
The LXDVU-K6 is a all-in-one computer which consists of Intel® i7® CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse in 1U size 19" rack-mount frame. It also provides USB 3.0 and Gigabit ethernet ports.
Signal Interface Unit
The LXIU-CAS500 is a signal distributor connecting complicated wire harnesses for simulator systems.
Multi-functional IO module
The LXVME-CAS500 is a VME type multi-functional IO module. RS-422 level interrupt trigger/receiver, open-collector pulse generator/receiver, TTL pulse generator/receiver and pulse counters are available in the module.
Real-time AI Application Development Platform
The LXPF-RAI is an ruggedized embedded hardware platform which makes users easier for developing real-time AI applications. It contains nVIDIA™’s Jetson TX2® module and supports various IO signals. The ruggedized case will be designed by customer’s requirement.